Iddo and snail Iddo Ben-Ari. I run this program. My name is pronounced  “e-dough”. It’s from Hebrew (my native language).

We will work closely together for the duration of the program. Other staff members are listed below.

Joined UConn in 2008. I’ve been working with undergrads  on research problems for quite a while, and decided to make it more formal. This is one of my favorite professional activities. Beyond work,  I really enjoy my family, mountain biking and telemark skiing.

You can find (not much) more information on my website,


Daniel Daniel Mourad. I am a graduate student at UConn. I am primarily interested in mathematical logic. My research is focused in mathematical logic, with a large part lying at the intersection of computability theory and combinatorics, using techniques from probability. I enjoy playing indie games on my computer. I have also recently found that I enjoy rock climbing and hope to take advantage of UConn’s rock climbing center soon.

2020, 2018

Gianmarco Molino. I am a graduate student, studying Differential Geometry (in particular foliated manifolds and sub-Riemannian geometry.)  You can see some of my work at my blog,  When not studying I can be found hiking the hills of Idaho, cornering the market in EVE online, or solving 7×7

Rubik’s cubes.


Hugo Panzo Hugo Panzo.  I’m a recent math Ph.D. graduate who’s teaching Honors Calculus II and Honors Multivariable Calculus here at UConn. My research interests are centered around probability theory and stochastic processes and you can find more details about my work on I’ve already coauthored three papers with undergraduates and am looking forward to another successful project this summer. When not doing math, I’m usually outside or following the news and reading Wikipedia.


Hi, I am Amy Peterson. I have a bachelor and masters in mathematics. I am currently working on my PhD under Dr. Ambar Sengupta in probability theory, more specifically infinite dimensional Gaussian measures. I am also interested in certain applications to functional analysis, differential geometry, and physics. My hobbies include video gaming and baking.