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Undergrad interested in doing research in probability?

Our REU specializes in research experience in Markov Chains and related topics, both theoretical and applied (more theoretical, though).

  We are a relatively new (2018) and small (we like "selective") program, run by a team consisting one faculty member assisted by grad students or postdocs.

We usually work with a small group of eight students for eight weeks. Students are split into teams that work on several different research projects (2019, 2018) in parallel, as well as other smaller usually more applied mini-projects.

We make a big effort trying to select projects that are interesting, suitable, meaningful and match the students' interests and backgrounds. We aim for scientific publication.

Examples of other mathematical activities include lectures on various topics, both by staff and guest lecturers, riddle session, "journal and/or book club" where we discuss some mathematical papers or books. We also create notes on topics we cover, as part of working on scientific writing skills.

Some not-only-math-related fun guaranteed (when we're back in person. Less of that in 2020 and 2021, the fully-online COVID years): we go on hikes, we take coffee breaks and lunches together and run a student-centered social hour.

  We are generously funded by a grant from the NSA's Mathematical Sciences Program and have received support from the math department and UConn.  Overleaf sponsored us in 2018. We were also featured in the overleaf blog.